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Tetrion Seal & Waterproof 400ml

by Tetrion
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Tetrion TWP400 Make Good Seal Waterproof

Tetrion Make Good™ Seal & Waterproof. For flat roofs, asphalt, gutters & pipework. For use on metal, walls, PVC & tarmac in all weather conditions.

  • Exterior use only
  • Black bitumen base
  • Seals leaks instantly
  • Prevents water ingress
  • Doesn’t run or sag

Tetrion Make Good™ Seal & Waterproof is an abrasion resistant and durable coating which gives effective, heavy duty protection and sealing power to flat roofing, metal panels and even vertical surfaces. It is formulated from a black bitumen base.

Tetrion Make Good™ Seal & Waterproof is designed to provide a thick film without runs and sags. It gives excellent protection from stones, moisture and provides a barrier from water and dampness.

Tetrion Make Good™ Seal & Waterproof offers corrosion protection, excellent adhesion to metal, gutters, driveways, pipework and a protective overcoat for sheds. It is water resistant and can be applied in all weather conditions.

Tetrion Make Good™ Seal & Waterproof offers the following features:

  • Soft healing, non-drying film
  • Prevents water ingress
  • Sound deadening
  • Black bitumen base
  • Does not run or sag
  • Excellent adhesion

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