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704 Powder Wall Tile Grout

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1.25kg of Forever White Tile Grout That Contains Mould Shield one of the worlds leading anti-bacterial solutions integrated into the manufacturing process, actively prevents the growth of bacteria, mildew and black mould that are commonly found in areas of high humidity.

Forever White Powder Wall Tile Grout is a cement based powdered grouting compound with added PVA to promote adhesion and water repellents to shed water.

Simply mix with water to give a pure white paste.

Forever White Powder Wall Tile Grout is guaranteed to stop mould, mildew & bacterial growth.

Forever White Powder Wall Tile Grout is independently tested and certified by an accredited microbiological laboratory to show no mould growth after more than 10 Years simulated ageing.

Dries to an extra brilliant Arctic white finish

Benefits and Areas for Use

Excellent water resistance.

Dries brilliant white.

Contains Mould Shield - prevents mould growth.

Can be used on wall joints up to 3mm.

Kitchens & Bathroom walls.

Shower areas.

Work tops subject to water contact

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