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C-TEC CFP AlarmSense 8 Zone Fire Panel (CFP708-2)

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  • Approvals/certifications: Certified to EN54-2 & 4 by the LPCB.
  • Mains supply: 230V 50/60Hz.
  • Mains rated current: 350mA maximum.
  • Internal power supply: 19V-28.5V (27V nominal). Ripple 7V maximum (battery fault).
  • Total output current limIted to: 1.5A @ 230Vac (ImaxA eq 146mA).
  • Quiescent current: 25mA (mains failed, internal sounder active, PSU & gen fault LED lit)
  • Max battery size and type: 2 x 12V 3.2Ah VRLA connected in series. Min. battery size 1.2Ah.
  • No. of detector zone circuits: The CFP708-2 has 8 AlarmSense zone circuits which are compatible with Apollo's AlarmSense range of detectors & call points AND sounders & visual indicators. (Max. length per circuit is 500m).
  • Call point resistor value: Only use AlarmSense call points.
  • Max. devices per detector zone: 25 AlarmSense detectors/manual call points per AlarmSense zone. For AlarmSense sounder limitations per AlarmSense zone see 'Max. sounder output current' section.
  • No. of conventional sounder circuits: 4 – these are additional conventional (non-AlarmSense) sounder circuits; Max. length per circuit is 500m.
  • EOL resistor value: 6800Ω 5% Tol. 0/25W (blue, grey, red, gold).
  • Alarm voltage: 27V max, 20V min (final battery voltage)
  • Auxiliary relays: Two: (1) Aux. Fire; (2) Fault. Volt free single pole changeover. Max. switch current 1A; Max. switch voltage 30Vdc.
  • Open collector outputs: Two: (1) Reset (Active during reset cycle); (2) Remote (Active during any unsilenced fire condition provided all relevant delays have expired). Max. sink current 30mA, Max. open circuit voltag
  • Other outputs: 24V Aux. Power (Protected by a resettable fuse. 100mA min. hold current. Resets when fault removed).
  • Auxiliary inputs: Two: (1) ‘Class Change’ (constant sounders); (2) Alert (pulsed sounders). Connect to 0V to trigger, Max. input voltage 27V (non-latching)
  • Engineer (AL3) functions: Program coincidence (double knock); Invoke One Man Walk Test; Program delays; Set up zones for non-latching operation; Program sounders to resound (or not resound) when a new zone enters al
  • Expansion connections: Yes – for optional network driver cards (one required per repeater system), relay output cards and EN54-13 sounder circuit interface boards.
  • Product dimensions (mm): 380 W x 235 H x D 96mm (hole required for flush mounting = 367 W x 220 H x 75 D mm. No bezel required).
  • Construction & finish: Plastic lid and base; RAL7035 textured
  • IP Rating: IP30.
  • Weight: 1.75kg (without batteries)

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