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EVGF7 Gun Grade Expanding Foam B3 750ml

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This Everbuild Gun Grade Expanding Foam is a polyurethane-based filler. Designed for professional use and home DIY users. It's used as a sealant, glue or adhesive. The 750ml cartridge seems a lot larger to use however, it's able to reach irregular gaps and will expand to 50 times its original content. It fixes framework, insulates and deadens sound. It's fast setting and can be cut, sawed, plastered and sealed over after approximately 1 hour. Can be used with a gun foam applicator. Supplied with as a single 750ml tube.

Features and Benefits:

  • Quick setting agent.
  • Expands to 50 times its size, so only need to use small amounts at a time.
  • It will fill irregular gaps, so less restrictions in where to use.

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