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FireAngel CO-9X-10T-FF 10 Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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The FireAngel CO-9X-10-FF is the new version of the much loved FireAngel CO-9X Alarm, brimming with new technology and features to offer excellent detection of Carbon Monoxide.

The FireAngel CO Alarm combines the very latest technological advancements and innovative design to provide an aesthetically pleasing and effective contribution to your home safety equipment.

This alarm comes complete with a sealed for life battery that will power the unit for 10 years (complete with 5 year warranty) using the latest advanced electrochemical sensor to provide the earliest warning from Carbon Monoxide.

A large test/hush button enables the user to test the alarm with ease whilst the clear LED display lights show the status of the alarm (Power, Fault & Alarm).

Detection Diagnostics:

The FireAngel CO-9X-10-FF has an extremely special feature, ideal for landlords, as it can be sent back to FireAngel for diagnostics which will log the past 10 activations of the alarms and show any levels Carbon Monoxide that have been detected. This will allow for you to prove the levels of Carbon Monoxide detected in an property.

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