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Bondit Floor Tile Grout Int/Ext Grey 3Kg

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A grey cement-based, polymer modified wide joint filling compound for tile joints from 3mm up to 12mm wide around all types of ceramic floor tiles. Formulated to provide a flowable, readily compactable, grouting slurry, which can be easily applied accross all types of ceramic tiled surfaces. Sets to a hard, durable, waterproof finish, suitable for interior and exterior applications, including swimming pools.

Conforms to EN13888 Type CG1.

APPLICATION: Check that all the tiles are securely fixed and that the tile adhesive has thoroughly dried before applying any load or pressure to the tiled surface. See Technical Data Sheet for mixing instructions. Using a grouting tool, sponge or squeegee, work the mixed grout thoroughly into the joints ensuring the joints are completely filled. Remove excess grout from face of tiles with a damp sponge or cloth.

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