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Integral LED Sensor GLS Bulb 9.5W 5000K 840Lm B22 Non-Dimm Opal 240d

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This retro-fit Integral LED Auto Sensor Classic Globe GLS delivers a warm light equivalent to 60W. It automatically switches ON at dusk and OFF at dawn, ideal for external porches, walkways, paths and patios. To be used in suitable enclosed outdoor fittings. The lamp has two sensors to give 360 degree coverage - make sure that at least one sensor can see daylight. The auto sensor lamp has been designed to work in suitable external clear glass or plastic fittings - some shades may affect the operation of the lamp. There is no warm up time as the lamp is instant on. The lamp has been designed to see natural daylight and will not work indoors with artificial light. The lamp does not have a PIR sensor to sense movement. The lamp is non-dimmable so cannot be used with a dimmer switch. The sensitivity of the lamp to daylight is fixed and cannot be adjusted. Functionality may be affected if your fitting is on a PIR or other detection circuit. Integral LED are continuously improving the energy efficiency of their products as technology develops. Newer revisions of some LED products may have small variations in the wattage, but other specifications such as model number, colour temperature and lumen output (brightness) remain the same.

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