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Eagle 13A Plug In Dimmer Wall Socket

by Eagle
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The Eagle 13A Plug in adjustable dimmer allows you to set the level of ambient light from your lights and lamps and can even be used to control domestic fans, a simple way to adjust the light intensity in your home. You may require your lights to be bright for reading, medium for cosy nights in and low to watch television, It is extremely easy to use, simply plug the dimmer into any 13A socket and turn the rotary dial to the required level. Please note that this dimmer cannot be used with LED light bulbs.

  • Adjustable plug in dimmer switch-control your light/domestic fans 
  • Fits to any standard 13A wall socket 
  • Perfect for controlling the atmosphere to create the best ambiance 
  • Perfect for adjustable light control
  • Indoor use only  

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