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Stanley Tylon Pocket Tapes 5m/16ft + 8m/26ft Twin

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Includes the 0-30-696 5m/16ft Tylon Pocket Tape Measure & 0-30-656 8m/26ft Tylon Pocket Tape Measure

These compact yet highly durable tape measures will give you the means to make accurate measurements quickly and easily. If you are tackling major DIY projects, such as home renovations, these tape measure can withstand tough working conditions and with both metric and imperial measurements you can work to your preference.

Their cases are designed for comfort, with a cushioned grip, but they can also withstand shocks and knocks. Their blades are also highly durable thanks to the patented Tylon™ coating which also ensures the markings remain clearly visible for longer. So you can always keep these tape measures close to hand they feature a clip so you can attach it to your belt or pocket.

Features and Benefits:

  • Centralised numbers for blade markings that allow for easy identifications of measurement and greater accuracy
  • Compact case design is ergonomically shaped for comfort
  • Soft shock-resistant case withstands shocks and knocks to offer greater blade protection
  • Tylon™ blade coating ensures greater durability and wear resistance of blade markings for improved readability overtime and prolonged product life
  • Cushioned grip for maximum comfort in the hand and in use
  • Secure to a belt, pocket, or waistband for improved portability using the integral belt clip

Technical Specifications:

0-30-696 5m/16ft Tylon Pocket Tape Measure
Tape Length: 5m/16ft
Blade Width: 19mm
Autolock: No
Magnetic: No
0-30-656 8m/26ft Tylon Pocket Tape Measure
Tape Length: 8m/26ft
Blade Width: 25mm
Autolock: No
Magnetic: No

If you are a DIY expert that is tackling home renovations or large home projects then you need a reliable tape measure. The 0-30-696 and 0-30-656 are just that. The markings will remain clearly visible thanks to the patented Tylon coating and the housing is shock resistant so you will be able to use them for years to come.

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