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Stanley PowerLock Classic Pocket Tape 5M

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This lightweight and compact tape measure boasts accuracy and durability. For DIY experts tackling major projects and home renovations it is perfect for making measurements in tough working environments. The markings are clear and easy to read against the bright yellow colouring of the blade. The blade also has a polyester coating to provide resistance to abrasion which ensures the markings remain clear for longer.

The 0-33-552 delivers a Class II accuracy which provides a +/-0,5mm error tolerance at 1m which makes it extremely precise. Whether you are making small measurements or larger ones it maintains its accuracy and its durable blade affords protection against kinks and tears.

Features and Benefits:

  • DURABLE BLADE FOR LONG LIFE: Abrasion resistant polyester film coated blade coating provides up to 10 times more resistance to abrasion than a standard lacquered blade
  • TRU-ZERO™ HOOK for precise inner and outer measurements, moving back and forth along the securing rivets to account for the hook thickness
  • EASY TO READ: Bright, yellow easy to read blade with 19mm blade width for clear and legible markings in metric and imperial measurements
  • CLASS II ACCURACY, suitable for the majority of professionals, providing a reassuring +/-0,5mm error tolerance at 1m

Technical Specifications:

Tape Length: 5m
Blade Width: 19mm
Autolock: No
Magnetic: No

If you are a DIY expert that is tackling home renovations or large home projects then you need a reliable tape measure. The 0-33-552 is just that. With easy to read markings and a robust design that allows it to withstand tough working conditions. All this adds up to a reliable tape measure that you will be able to use time and time again.

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