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Black Swan Stay Soft Plumbers Putty 14oz 397g

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Black Swan's Stay Soft Plumbers Putty is a special formulated putty which will stay soft and flexible and will not shrink, bleed, harden, crack or crumble. It is gas proof, odour proof and water resistant.

Black Swan's Stay Soft Plumbers Putty can be used for setting toilet bowls, fixtures, taps, strainers, sink frames, and many other plumbing sealing and caulking applications.

Stay Soft Plumbers Putty is a stainless putty.


The word stainless refers to how the oil in the putty bleeds from the putty when it comes into contact with other materials. For example, the oil in an inexpensive putty will bleed easily and stain whatever surface it comes into contact with. A higher quality putty will hold the oil better and not cause a stain. The word stainless does not refer to stainless steel putty.

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