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Everbuild PVA Adhesive & Sealer 1L

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The Everbuild HH0119103110 Universal PVA Bond 501 is a multi-purpose bonding agent that's been designed specifically for building industry. PVA is a bonding agent, primer, sealer, cement and plaster admixture. It can be used for priming unsound surfaces before plastering or painting. It is an adhesive on wood, cork, textiles and most applications where at least one surface is porous. Its used for general dust sealing on flaking paintwork and walls. It’s a cement and plaster admixture. It has good adhesion to a wide range of materials including dense concrete, glass, steel, tiles etc. Supplied as a single 1 Litre tub.

Features and Benefits:

  • It uses a reduced water: cement ratio, which means less overall ingredients needed for the same results.
  • Reduces mortar and plaster porosity, where water or other materials could leak through.
  • Improved frost resistance, so the finished product doesn’t expand or crack from the pressure.
  • Fully conforms to BS 5270 – it complies to standards for indoor use.

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